Statutory warranty

THE STATUTORY WARRANTY provided by ORCA runs for three years as from the date on which the product is purchased or, alternatively, what the country has determined as the legal warranty period. 


  • ORCA provides a warranty on all products that it manufactures and/or distributes against any nonconformity issues for the first three years after their purchase. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the product when the purchase is made through an authorized dealer. It therefore excludes purchases made through non-authorized dealers and on eBay or similar sale and/or auction platforms.
  • The buyer is entitled to the repair and/or replacement of the defective product completely free of charge for the affected user in the event of any nonconformity.
  • The specific legal rights of the original purchaser of the product under this warranty may vary from country to country. If this warranty is found not to be consistent with local legislation, it will be considered as amended so that it is consistent with that legislation.


  • When filing a claim under this warranty, the user must provide a copy of the product purchase document (sales invoice) for the bicycle to ORCA or the dealer.
  • This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the product in any case. 
  • In no case will this warranty apply to breakages or defects resulting from negligent use. Negligent use is considered to include, but is not limited to, the following:
    • For neoprene items:
      • Pinches and nail tears.
      • Damage or fading resulting from exposure to excessive heat and sunlight or storage in unsuitable conditions.
    • For all products:
      • Deterioration resulting from exposure to external ambient agents (e.g. salt water, excessive heat, sunlight, etc.) or chemicals (pool products, chlorine, etc.).
      • Deterioration or loss of features of the garment due to improper use of washing machines/ dryers/ irons, fabric conditioners or detergents.
      • Tears or abrasions on surfaces or seams due to normal wear and tear.
      • Improper modifications or repairs carried out by unauthorized persons.
  • You, the user, must keep the product acquired in good condition, in line with the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturer.


  • To process any claim in relation to this warranty, the user must proceed to the point of sale where he/she purchased the product, so that the dealer can process the statutory warranty. If it is not possible to visit that dealer or if visiting same would result overly burdensome for you, the user, you may contact ORCA directly via the link below to receive instructions on how to process the warranty claim.
  • When filing a claim under this warranty, the user must provide the product purchase document (sales invoice) to ORCA or the dealer.
  • This warranty is subject to the decision reached by our technicians with regard to the nature of the product non-conformity once they have studied the product in question.
  • If repair is not possible and ORCA opts to replace the product, ORCA will replace the non-conforming product with another similar product, and if this is not possible for reasons of stockage, you, the user, will receive another product of equal quality and features. ORCA may replace personalized products by similar products in the current colour range if the original personalization cannot be reproduced.
  • The customer can file a claim on the online consumer dispute resolution platform. The list of dispute resolution bodies in EU countries is also available here.


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