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Orca Member Benefits
Orca Member Benefits
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Orca Member Benefits
Orca Member Benefits
Orca Member Benefits
Orca Member Benefits
The Orca Story

Born in the Ocean Wild & Free

The Orca brand is inspired by the sea and an enduring spirit of freedom.

Chasing Epic

“Chasing Epic” is the essence of the Orca brand. It is about seeking the moments in life that make us feel truly alive and connected with the beauty of the world around us.

There is something about being immersed in the open water; the crash of the waves, the roar of the wind, the taste of saltwater on your lips, and the warmth of sunlight on your skin, that makes you feel at home.

Apex Performance

Orca designs clothes and accessories to boost confidence in the water.

With a history of designing performance wetsuits for triathletes since 1995, our unwavering commitment to advanced, innovative swimwear empowers you to overcome your limits. Whether you’re competing in a triathlon or swimming to challenge yourself, our fit-for-purpose garments are designed to meet your needs in even the most demanding conditions.

Like the Killer Whale—the ocean’s apex predator after which our brand is named—our cutting-edge materials and rigorous product design process means our highly-technical garments enables apex performance in the water when you need it the most. Orca swimwear helps you feel at home in the ocean, no matter the conditions, no matter the season.

Ocean Advocates

The health of humanity and our oceans go hand in hand

Like our customers and our athletes, we spend a lot of time in the embrace of the ocean. We have a deep respect for the natural world and all its beauty. We wholeheartedly believe that we have a responsibility to safeguard it for the sake of future generations and for the prosperity of all life on Earth.

Our commitment extends throughout the life of our products, ensuring that our impact on the environment is as minimal as possible. We know that there are countless battles to fight when it comes to sustainability, but as ocean advocates, we are focusing our efforts on one: eliminating plastics from the oceans. Because there is no green without blue.

The Call of Mother Nature

As the world becomes increasingly urbanized, more people are returning back to nature

From open water swimming, surfing to freediving, more people are rediscovering the healing, meditative and epic powers of the ocean. As people fight the elements, swimming against the undulating pull of the tides, it comes as no surprise that these are the moments when they feel the most alive. Because they are in their element. Water is fundamental to humanity, and the Orca brand essence “Chasing Epic”, stands as testament to that.

As a global brand with ambassadors all over the world, we leverage our platform and reach to advocate healthier lifestyles. Our oceans and the abundance of life within it are treasures to be protected.

Safety first

The first step towards maximum performance is safety

The ocean is as beautiful as it is dangerous for those who are unprepared. Open water is a force of nature worthy of our respect. However, with the proper equipment and preparation, it becomes the world’s biggest playground. That’s why safety is one of the fundamental pillars of our product design philosophy.

It’s important to us that our community trusts our products, trust themselves, and feel safe at sea. We continuously collaborate and nurture relationships with industry professionals, athletes and organisations to help us improve the safety of our products. When testing your limits, the most important step is to ensure you’re able to do so safely.

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How to measure yourself

For best results, take your measurements with no clothing on

Place the measuring tape over the widest part of your chest.

Hold one end of the measuring tape in place and circle your chest, keeping the tape straight, until the tape reaches your starting point.

Get a book, a hand mirror and a pencil.

Take off your shoes and anything you wear on your head.

Look for a level surface to stand on with a smooth wall behind you.

Stand in front of the wall with your feet together.

Balance the book on your head and press it against the wall. Use the mirror to check that it is in a horizontal position and well centered. Mark the position of the top of your head on the wall with pencil.

Once the mark is made, step away and use a measuring tape to measure the distance from the ground to the mark you just made with pencil.

Step on the scale, without clothes or accessories, and write down your weight.

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