Take a breath and dive in to discover the beauty of freediving.

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Overcome your own limits. Descend to the depths of the sea and explore an unknown world that will change you completely, or simply enjoy the wonder of the ocean and the peaceful feeling of being underwater.


Zen is a high- performance range that gives you the flexibility and thermal protection you need for your most challenging dives.


The Mantra range, suitable for all free divers, brings you a revolutionary way to feel the ocean and make your dives special.

Freedive Wetsuits

Critical decade: We have 10 years to save our great barrier reef

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is the biggest living structure on Earth, made up of 3,000 individual reefs with rich corals spanning an area larger th...

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How to measure yourself

For best results, take your measurements with no clothing on

Place the measuring tape over the widest part of your chest.

Hold one end of the measuring tape in place and circle your chest, keeping the tape straight, until the tape reaches your starting point.

Get a book, a hand mirror and a pencil.

Take off your shoes and anything you wear on your head.

Look for a level surface to stand on with a smooth wall behind you.

Stand in front of the wall with your feet together.

Balance the book on your head and press it against the wall. Use the mirror to check that it is in a horizontal position and well centered. Mark the position of the top of your head on the wall with pencil.

Once the mark is made, step away and use a measuring tape to measure the distance from the ground to the mark you just made with pencil.

Step on the scale, without clothes or accessories, and write down your weight.

Find your size