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Swimming, a unique sensation that keeps us diving in again and again.

What will you need to venture into the sea?


Open water safety comes first. Choose a wetsuit with high visibility or add accessories that will make you visible to other swimmers or boats.

Thermal Protection

Arm yourself with thermal wetsuits and cold weather accessories that will help you regulate your body temperature throughout your swim, so you can enjoy the sea at any time of the year.

Flexibility and Buoyancy

Finding the perfect balance between flexibility and buoyancy is essential for any swimmer. Our wetsuits provide different levels of each so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

A wetsuit for every season

Winter Swim

Cold water envelops you, clearing and focusing your mind with each stroke. Immerse yourself in this medium with our selection of items designed for use in the coldest waters.

Summer Swim

Enjoy freedom and connection with nature, allow yourself to float, or dive in. You can find everything you need to make this moment special.

Find your optimal Openwater wetsuit

Before & After

Your pre- and post-swim routines are important parts of the swimming experience. Discover our selection of items to give you a complete experience.

Openwater Accessories

Changing Mat

The Changing Mat is perfect for changing after an open water swimming session, protecting your wetsuit from getting stained or damaged on the ground, extending its useful life. This accessory is also an easy way to transport your wetsuit and wet accessories.

Poncho Towel

This poncho towel is designed to be compact and lightweight with a super absorbent microfiber fabric. Ideal for comfortably changing clothes during races and training sessions, its reduced volume makes it easy to carry. The perfect companion to take with you to your training sessions and competitions.


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