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What do we use cookies for on this website?

Cookies are an essential part of the functioning of our website. Their main purpose is to enhance your browsing experience. They help us identify visitors (if they are registered users), remember their preferences (language, country, etc.) during their navigation and on future visits, manage their shopping carts, assist them with their purchases, and so on.

The data collected by cookies also help us improve our website by estimating the number of visitors and their usage patterns, the website's suitability in terms of their personal interests, calculating search speed, and other navigation aspects.

Who uses the data stored in cookies?

The information gathered by cookies on our website is used only by us, except for Google Analytics, which is used by us and by Google, Inc. for statistical purposes, and the payment operation analysis cookie, which is generated when you make a purchase and analyzed by a third party to ensure secure payments.

Can I disable cookies?

Yes, our cookies can be disabled. However, you may lose some features and functionality if you choose to disable cookies, being unable to access some pages or use some services, or making navigation less efficient.

Cookies on this website can be restricted, blocked or deleted with your browser's settings. Although every browser has its own settings, cookie settings are usually found on the Preferences or Tools menu. Check your browser's help menu to see how to manage cookies. Below you will find the links to cookie settings on the most popular browsers:

Internet Explorer:

Mozilla Firefox:


Google Chrome:

Please keep in mind that disabling cookies may lead to the loss of some of the website's features or functionality.

Cookie policy changes

This website may be changed or updated, and the cookie policy modified accordingly. The cookie policy may also change in compliance with legal requirements. Therefore, we recommend checking our cookie policy on a regular basis.

Significant changes in our cookie policy shall be communicated to users in a notice published on this website or in an email sent to registered users.


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