SWIMMING TIPS | Improve head positioning with Chris Leiferman

Today, together with Chris Leiferman, winner of the 2016 Ironman 70.3 Austin, and member of the BMC-Vifit Sport Team powered by Uplace, we will be discussing correct head positioning and some drills that will allow you to...

At Orca we know that swimming is one of the main disciplines that triathletes face difficulties with. Knowing this, we not only want to help you overcome these difficulties by offering innovative wetsuits, but we also want to go a step further and offer you tips for improved technique too.

Today, together with Chris Leiferman, Ironman Boulder 2018 & Ironman 70.3 Austin 2016 winner, and member of the BMC-Vifit Sport Team powered by Uplace, we will be discussing correct head positioning and some drills that will allow you to see if you have been doing it wrong, as well as some problems that swimming in a bad position can cause.

We will cover 3 drills designed to improve head positioning.

1. Exagerate a bad position tucking the chin to the chest.

The first drill is simple and consists of crawl swimming with your chin tucked toward your upper chest as seen in the picture. When you try this, you will notice how this makes it difficult to move forward and limits your movement for your strokes.



2. Exagerate a bad head position naping your neck to the back.

The second drill is similar to the first, except this time you will swim with the nape of your neck touching your back, exaggerating the terrible posture that we sometimes hold which, just like the last one, limits your stroke as it impedes forward movement.



 3. Optimal head position swimming.

The last drill is done with a snorkel. This time, you will simply be swimming while keeping your eye level at an angle of about 45 degrees, which is easier while using a snorkel.



Practicing these drills can help you identify where you might be making mistakes and how to correct them. Watch the video to get a better understanding of how they are done.

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