Orca Member Benefits
14-Day Return Policy
Orca Member Benefits
14-Day Return Policy
Orca Member Benefits
14-Day Return Policy
Orca Member Benefits
14-Day Return Policy
Orca Member Benefits
14-Day Return Policy
Orca Member Benefits
14-Day Return Policy
Orca Member Benefits
14-Day Return Policy
Orca Member Benefits
14-Day Return Policy
Orca Member Benefits
14-Day Return Policy
Orca Member Benefits
14-Day Return Policy

How to make purchase

To place an order you must be registered with www.orca.com.There are two ways of registering:

Registering prior to ordering

  • On the main menu, go to REGISTER.

  • All other data are optional and serve merely to help us get to know you and offer you what you need. You will be prompted to provide your shipping address & personal details when you place your order.
    We comply with current data protection regulations and will not therefore pass on your data to third parties.

  • When you click on "Register" an email confirming your registration will be sent to the address given in the previous step.

  • You must click on the link in that email message to activate your registration.

Registering while placing an order

  • Add the items that you wish to purchase to your basket.

  • Click on "Place Order" in the basket to go to the checkout.

  • At the checkout, fill in the compulsory fields (marked *) in the address and contact data section. When you complete the form you will be asked to provide a personal password, which you must then use to access your account once the order is placed.

Purchasing process

  • Once you have chosen an item, click on "Purchase" and select the size and colour. After selecting the size and colour, click on "Add to Basket".

  • After adding items you can go directly to the checkout or modify the items in the basket.

  • Please, bear on mind that if you want to make a purchase in www.orca.com, you will need to do it as an individual consumer never as a legal entity.

  • To go straight to the checkout, place the cursor on the shopping trolley icon in the top menu and click on "Purchase".

  • To change, delete or add items go to the basket. Place the cursor on the shopping trolley icon in the main menu and click on "See or Edit Basket". When you are satisfied with the items in the basket click on "Place Order" (if you have a promotion code you can also enter it in the basket, but remember that you need to be registered and logged in to your account to do so).

  • At the checkout, follow the step-by-step instructions and provide the information requested. Those fields marked with an asterisk (*) are compulsory. If you are registered but have not logged in, click on "I am already registered" and some fields will auto-complete. If you are not already registered you will be asked to provide a personal password, which you must then use to access your account once the order is placed.

  • The final step is payment. Payment platforms guarantee privacy of information and offers secure transactions to protect it during the process of providing user data. Payments can be made via PayPal (see www.paypal.com), by credit card, Sofort or Klarna. The following credit cards are admissible:

  • Once payment has been made, we will confirm full details of the purchase by e-mail.

  • On www.orca.com, you can always access your invoice as an individual consumer. As soon as the order is sent to the indicated address, you will receive an email with the invoice attached. Orca's website is made for the individual consumer, therefore all invoices have the individual consumer's name.

Delivery time 

At Orca we work hard to deliver by the estimated date or even sooner, so as to optimize the user experience of all our customers.

We may sometimes be unable to meet estimated delivery dates, so we reserve a period of grace to cater for contingencies. You will in any event be informed if there is any delay.

After placing your order you can track delivery dates and other information via the Orders section (see Order Tracking). For any further information on your order, please phone our customer helpline on 900 67 00 18 or e-mail us at info@orca.com

Order tracking

You can track your order from your account. If you are already logged in, simply go to "My Account" on the main menu and if not then go to "Register" on the main menu and enter your email address and password. If you cannot remember your password click on the "Forgotten your password?" link and follow the step-by-step instructions to reset it.

If you cannot remember the email address that you gave, contact our customer service staff at info@orca.com or on +34 900 670 018 and give them your order number, which you can find on the confirmation message emailed to you when you made your purchase.

In "Orders" you can track your orders, which may show the following statuses:


This means that your order has been entered in our system and confirmed by www.orca.com, so we will shortly begin processing it and sending the items to the address indicated.


While your order is classed as CONFIRMED you can still cancel it via the "Orders" section under "My Account". Once you ask for your order to be cancelled its status is changed to CANCELLED.
If an order appears as CANCELLED even though you have not requested its cancellation, we may have had to cancel it for a number of reasons. For more information please contact our customer service staff at info@orca.com


Your order has left our warehouse. You will receive an email confirming shipment and the product will be delivered to the address indicated in 4-7 days. 


If you wish to return an order that has been delivered, you may do so via the "Orders" section under "My Account". If the product ordered is a bike, you must request its return via the store from which you collected it. Once you have requested that the product be returned, the order status changes to RETURN REQUESTED.
Please read the "Cancellations and Returns" section for an explanation of the terms and conditions for the cancellation and/or return of an item or order.


Once the product is received at Orca and we have confirmed that it is in perfect condition, the order status changes to RETURN ACCEPTED

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Find your size

We help you to know the size of your ORCA wetsuit. Tell us the following information.


How to measure yourself

For best results, take your measurements with no clothing on

Place the measuring tape over the widest part of your chest.

Hold one end of the measuring tape in place and circle your chest, keeping the tape straight, until the tape reaches your starting point.

Get a book, a hand mirror and a pencil.

Take off your shoes and anything you wear on your head.

Look for a level surface to stand on with a smooth wall behind you.

Stand in front of the wall with your feet together.

Balance the book on your head and press it against the wall. Use the mirror to check that it is in a horizontal position and well centered. Mark the position of the top of your head on the wall with pencil.

Once the mark is made, step away and use a measuring tape to measure the distance from the ground to the mark you just made with pencil.

Step on the scale, without clothes or accessories, and write down your weight.

Find your size