Flexibility, buoyancy or both. Your choice.

With our new range of triathlon wetsuits, you can choose between flexibility, buoyancy or a combination of both, so that every triathlete can choose their ideal wetsuit.


Maximum Flexibility

The Orca Flex range is specifically designed for swimmers without technical deficiencies who can maintain a correct position in the water, horizontal and elevated.




Flexibility and buoyancy

The “flow” swimmer makes minor mistakes in their kick technique that buoyancy would help correct, raising the legs to achieve a more effective horizontal posture.




Maximum Buoyancy

The Float family is ideal for those who are just starting out in triathlon or swimming. This solution is for swimmers who are not completely comfortable in the water.



Performance made simple

Orca wetsuits are made from 100% Yamamoto neoprene. This wetsuit's unique properties of elasticity, buoyancy and hydrodynamics result in unmatched performance.


Flexibility provides added comfort to the triathlete and allows them to move naturally in the water. Wetsuits with a high elasticity do not interfere with the biomechanics of swimming, allowing athletes to swim freely.


Buoyancy helps to elevate the body's position while swimming, making it easier move in the water. Wetsuits with high buoyancy provide more stability to triathletes and allow them to conserve energy for upcoming race segments.


The wetsuit's hydrodynamic properties influence the level of friction the swimmer must overcome to move in the water. The more friction is reduced, the faster an athlete's speed and the less energy they have to expend.

Say hello to Apex and Athlex

Introducing Apex and Athlex. These ranges were born from the ocean and their designs built from our commitment to innovation. In this new evolution of our previous collection, technology is implemented in a more targeted way, based on science and our decades of experience.

This collection focuses on how the human body naturally interacts with water. To this instinctual connection, we add enhanced elasticity, buoyancy and hydrodynamics, which improve positioning and optimize our movement in the water. With the help of experience, as well as testing in our labs and in competition, we choose the best materials and work to understand our community's preferences and needs, so that all triathletes can unleash their power.


Discover the latest technology for unconventional athletes looking to get out of the water first.


Turn energy into momentum. Strengthen your body and mind with each stroke with our comfortable and versatile wetsuits.

New triathlon collection

Win a personalized Orbea Ordu

We're giving away a personalized Orbea Ordu M20iLTD to the winner of a random drawing of everyone who buys and registers their triathlon wetsuit from the new range.

Triathlon wetsuits from past ranges

Choose a wetsuit and discover your own (r)evolution.


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