100% certified yamamoto

Yamamoto neoprene is limestone based. Because of this micro-cell structure, limestone neoprene provides several serious distinct advantages to the functionality of wetsuits compared to the traditional neoprene.

Find your optimal wetsuit

Confidence in the water

Orca’s highly-technical swimwear gives you the confidence in the water to perform at your peak. Feeling at home in the ocean, whether you’re competing in a triathlon or enjoying a leisurely open water swim, is at the heart of the Orca brand.

Made to last

As lovers of nature and outdoor sports, we challenge ourselves to work towards increasingly sustainable operations. This process of continuous improvement has presented different challenges for us. Our response to these is to work to make our products perform better and for longer, “made to last.”

Care to last

In order ensure maximum durability of the wetsuit, in all our years of experience we have identified several aspects to consider once the wetsuit is in the user’s hands.


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