Men's Wetsuits

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Explore nature in depth. Tested in extreme conditions, the Aesir range was designed for the most demanding races, perfect to accompany you as you face your most epic challenges.


Chart new paths and go after adventures that take you further than you've ever explored. Experience the sport in its purest form and turn the toughest races into unforgettable experiences.

Swimrun Wetsuits

Thermal Protection

To maintain body heat during competitions, it's important to have a wetsuit that protects you from cold water and wind on race day, with specific thicknesses and panels.


Flexibility in the upper body will improve your swim stroke and the lower body will allow you to move comfortably during the race.


If you want to glide through the water more quickly, the wetsuit's surface treatments help to reduce your body's friction in the water, increasing your speed.

Gear up with the best swimrun accessories

An extraordinary sport requires accessories that are up to the task, designed and tested on terrain.

"This is just a hobby, but a fun adventurous one"

Orca sits down with athlete, editor, and co-founder of Swim Run NC, Herbert Krabel, to talk about the current and future state of SwimRun both in US,...

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