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Tri Training Spotlight on Namibia with Alessandro Fabian

For triathlete Alessandro Fabian, it is not just the favourable at altitude training conditions that he loves so much about Namibia. Find out why he loves to head here in the off-season and his tips for where to go and what to do while you're there.


Location: Namibia, Southern Africa

Why do you head here?

Because Namibia is amazing!! Mainly we head there because I'm in altitude and during my winter preparation is perfect for training. Not only for the altitude but also the temperature and the weather. Its warm and there is the right humidity.  You can train well and you can stay in nature a few km out of the city but you have all you need to live, train and enjoy life.

What time of year is best to be here and why?

I have been in Namibia in different moments during the year, but I think the best is from February to April. It's time where to change the season from summer to autumn and the temperature is warm but not too much. It sometimes rains, especially in the afternoon, but this permitted to have more humidity during the day and the night. But thie time of year is also good because you can see a lot of animals and you can ride with them!

Where do you recommend to swim? Both indoor and outdoor 

There are many swimming pools in Windhoek. The main one is the Olympia Public Swimming Pool, it's 50 m long and outdoor. The temperature is quite cold but it's for true Ironmen. Then there are two other main swimming pools, they are both in the Virgin centre, where you can also find more facilities like a gym, sauna, squash and others.

Finally, if you want to train in open water, you can join an excursion out of Windhoek, to Reehobot. At the Oanob Lake resort you can enjoy a wonderful swim and a perfect Namibian lunch, so it's a great experience. 

Alessandro Fabian tips for triathlon training in Namibia

Where do you stay when you’re there? Why would you recommend this place?

When I'm in Windhoek I stay at the Safari Hotel, its a good hotel near the secondary airport, call Eros. It's 2km from the city centre but there are bus services to and from downtown. It's comfortable and very close to everything you need to train like the sportive centre (swimming pool, stadium) and the bike shop. I've never tried the guest houses around Windhoek, but I'm sure they are very pretty places to spend your time here. I think they would allow you to experience more of Namibians' way of life.

Where do you head for tri-related help while there? Any good tri/bike shops to recommend?

I'm sure to the Virgin centre you can find all the Namibian Triathletes, they training there. If you need help, a good bike shop is Mannie's Bike Mecca located in Acacia street. 

Where can someone get the best coffee here?

Here, you find me incompetent because I don't drink coffee. Anyway, I'm Italian and the passion of coffee in any case is inside me. The best espresso in Windhoek can be found at The Coffee corner in the Safari Hotel which serves Lavazza coffee.

How easy is it to get around here? Would someone need their own car or public transportation is good?

It's easier by car or by bike but not by public transport because they are non existent. Also the taxi you can find around the city.

Where’s your favourite spot to head to treat yourself after a long day of training?

Up on the mountain, in the top, around the Windhoek. From up here you can enjoy the sunset that's amazing, you can see some wonderful colors and all the hues between the sun, the sky and the clouds. I couldn't believe it the first time I saw it. You also join some safari and see a lot of animals with the guide taking care of you. 

Any other tips to add if someone was thinking of heading to this location for some training time?

Absolutely you have to go because you receive a lot of smiles. There you have the possibility to keep calm and relax because life is very easy. 

Alessandro Fabian swimming in Orca 3.8 wetsuit


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