Triathlon Training Spotlight on Srni with Maurice Clavel

German Ironman athlete Maurice Clavel fills us in on why Srni in Czech Republic is a great spot to head to for the ideal winter triathlon training getaway and where to go once you're there!


Location: Srni, Czech Republic

Why do you head here? 

For winter training it's nearly perfect. In preparation for the season, I like the cross country skiing very much. Its almost certain to have good snow conditions out there. Furthermore the Hotel has a 25 meter pool, which is accessible in just a couple of minutes from your room. On the whole, Srni is a small town in the woods and just gives you the opportunity to ski, to swim, to run and to do some time on your mountain bike. Even training on your indoor trainer in a separate room is possible.

Ironman Maurice Clavel training on bike in Srni

What time of year is best to be here and why?

Actually in winter. But for running and biking the summer will surely be great in Srni.

Where do you recommend to swim? 

Just the easiest way. Choose the 25 meter pool in the Hotel. For open water swimming there are unfortunately no options.

Srni Hotel Pool for swim training with Maurice Clavel

Where do you stay when you’re there? Why would you recommend this place?

I like to stay at Hotel Srni - recovery time is also very important when training and this hotel's facilities with a sauna, steam bath and massage are perfect!

Where can someone get the best coffee here?

Oh - Czech Republic is very much known for the excellent beer, not the place to get some good coffee. But beer also helps you to recover well. :)

How easy is it to get around here? Would someone need their own car or public transportation is good?

The easiest way to get there is by car. This place is really based in woods, the closest city is nearly 30 km away!

Where’s your favourite spot to head to treat yourself after a long day of training?

Either I am just relaxing in the sauna, wellness area, or I prepare the next day in the room doing some stretching or massage. The third opportunity is a small pub located directly by the hotel, for a well deserved beer. 

Any other tips to add if someone was thinking of heading to this location for some training time?

Try to go there with some training buddies. Always more fun and motivating!

 Srni forest triathlon training with Maurice Clavel




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