5 destinations where you can enjoy the seabed

Open water swimming is a very versatile activity that can appeal to all audiences. It does not always have to be synonymous with intense exercise or long distances.

Open water swimming is a very versatile activity that can appeal to all audiences. It does not always have to be synonymous with intense exercise or long distances. Swimming in the sea can be approached in many ways, from practicing moving meditation, to exploring new places, or simply swimming with the goal of contemplating nature and enjoying the impressive beauty of the seabed, or ocean floor, that can be seen from some coasts.

We have come up with five destinations from across the globe that are worth visiting if only for the marvels that can be discovered in their waters while swimming or partaking in other aquatic activities.


Costa Brava, located in Catalonia, northeastern Spain, is a world-renowned tourist destination for its numerous coves hidden among rocks and cliffs. In this region, in which one third of its territory consists of protected natural areas, you can find the beautiful beaches of the Cap de Creus Natural Park, Calella de Palafrugell, or the small and uninhabited Medes Islands. Costa Brava offers miles and miles of areas in which to explore open water, most of them overflowing with marine flora and fauna that never cease to amaze.


The Great Barrier Reef, off the coast of Queensland in northeastern Australia, is considered the largest living structure on Earth. It is a 2,300 km-long (1429 mile) ecosystem formed by thousands of reefs and hundreds of islands, home to countless species of fish, molluscs, starfish, turtles, and dolphins. According to experts, the waters of the Great Barrier Reef are incredibly safe to swim in all year round, and it is extremely rare to encounter extreme wave conditions, strong currents or dangerous animals. The destination is clearly a must-have on the bucket list of any open water swimmer or scuba diver.


With more than 3,200 km (2,000 miles) of coastline, the Baja California peninsula in Mexico stands out for its many paradisal beaches, as well as for the wide range of water activities available to visitors. From snorkeling to surfing, scuba diving and open water swimming, the only question in Baja California is which beach you prefer as the backdrop for your adventures. Here are some of the most highly recommended:

• Playa del Requesón, where an incredible sandbar joins the mainland of Isla el Requesón. This is a fabulous destination for the crystal clear and calm waters of Bahía Concepción.
• Balandra Beach, north of La Paz, is one of the best options for families, as it is a sheltered bay of shallow and warm water. This is an ideal spot for swimming and snorkeling.


Located southeast of the Sinai Peninsula on the Red Sea coast, at first, Dahab may seem like a relatively small and discreet destination. However, there are a variety of recreational activities in the water for visitors to enjoy. Beyond offering the opportunity to explore the ocean floor while swimming in open water or snorkeling, the town of Dahab is known among freedivers and divers for the Blue Hole, a spectacular submarine sinkhole with a coral reef submerged at a depth of more than 100 meters.


Considered one of the most beautiful places in the country, Ölüdeniz beach is located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. It is a common destination for ocean lovers, not only for its seclusion, but also because it is located near the incredible Blue Lagoon, a lake known for its beauty and serenity.
The warm waters of Ölüdeniz make it an ideal place in which to observe its biodiversity, with colorful fish, moray eels, coral reefs, and endless sea creatures that never fail to amaze.

It is undoubtably worth considering any of these as your next destination for swimming and relaxation. They are all perfect for connecting with the environment while taking in incredibly beautiful views of nature.


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