The Best Transition Bag for Triathlon

The ultimate in transition bags has been built with triathletes in mind. With a pocket for everything imaginable, and all within easy reach, the Orca transition bag is hard-wearing, stylish and comfortable to carry - your perfect triathlon accessory.

The ultimate in transition bags has been built with triathletes in mind. With pockets for everything imaginable, all within easy reach the Orca Transition Bag is hard-wearing and comfortable to carry. The larger version of the Transition Backpack, this bag is a generously sized 70L capacity and comes with a protective helmet pocket, wet and dry gear compartments, and specially lined pouches for electronics. A handy high-contrast bright green interior makes contents easy to find - this really is a bag that will cover all your needs! 


Padded Helmet Compartment keeps your helmet protected and easily accessible in it's own zippered compartment at the top of the bag.

Orca Transition Bag Padded Helmet Compartment

Zippered mesh compartments provide even more individual storage within pockets to further keep your race gear sorted while you travel to your race and then easily find it when you need it!

Interior pockets of Orca transition bag

Waterproof Dry bag pocket means you can keep your wetsuit and other wet swim gear separate from the rest of your things in the bag. No more damp gear when you get home!

Orca Transition Bag Waterproof Dry Bag Compartment

Neon green interior makes it easy to locate what you're looking for.

Neon Green interior of 2015 Orca Transition Bag

Thick padded straps that can also be converted to one carry bag strap make this transition bag your ideal travel companion - whether on a plane or just to your local triathlon race.

Orca Transition Bag Straps

Specially soft lined side pockets to keep your sunglasses secure and protected and your electronics safe

Orca Transition Bag Side Pockets


Get your hands on your very own Transition Bag here.

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