Orca's New Freedive Wetsuits Channel Brand’s Expertise into the Greatest Underwater Experience

If you want to discover the hidden secrets of the ocean, there is no better sport than freediving.

The Zen and Mantra were specifically developed for the intensity of the freediving experience

If you want to discover the hidden secrets of the ocean, there is no better sport than freediving. This sport involves descending to great depths with just a single breath of air. It allows you to enjoy the ocean in all its splendor. It allows you to enter a meditative state and achieve an unparalleled connection with nature.

Learning the technique, working to adapt to the environment and build lung flexibility, and following the necessary safety measures are all ways to make sure that you can fully enjoy your underwater experience. A wetsuit that feels like a second skin gives you full freedom of movement and will be essential to fully enjoying your underwater experience. 

Orca's New Freedive Wetsuits

This year, we have added two new freediving suits to our catalog that have been specially developed to meet the needs of diving enthusiasts. The Freedive Zen and the Freedive Mantra combine many advanced technologies and were designed to help the most demanding freedivers enjoy their dives without any restrictions, as well as the peaceful and calm feeling this sport brings. 

Zen, Designed to Optimize Performance

This is Orca's high-end Freedive wetsuit. The Zen, used by renowned freedivers such as William Trubridge, combines the most efficient pattern construction with the most technical materials. It was designed to minimize water resistance, making this the most hydrodynamic freediving suit on the market. The tight-fitting pattern and use of highly elastic materials allow the wetsuit to adjust perfectly to the freediver's body, maximizing performance and providing total freedom of movement in the water.

William Trubridge, for whom water is a fundamental part of life, dives into the depths of the ocean every day, looking for the feeling of weightlessness and the effect of focusing more on the present moment. Will assures that “the Zen is the perfect wetsuit as it feels like a second skin.” Due to the wetsuit's pattern and choice of materials, the Zen is highly elastic and adapts perfectly to the body and its movements during descents. The inverted zipper and optimized seams in the lower back also allow total freedom of movement in the hips and legs.

Mantra, Durability and Performance

On the other hand, the Freedive Mantra wetsuit was developed to provide durability without sacrificing performance. The innovative materials and elastic properties of this wetsuit allow it to adapt to the body comfortably. Its design minimizes the ingress of water, improving performance. The highly elastic materials making up the Mantra provide maximum flexibility, allowing movement without restriction. This is the ideal suit for both amateur freedivers and those just starting out in this discipline, or who simply want to enjoy snorkeling.

We all have an innate connection with water. It attracts us and helps us to be present in the moment. This feeling is further intensified during freediving. A practice that, according to William Trubridge, is “the purest of water sports. It makes me feel weightless, beyond time and space, moving freely in all directions, as dimensions disappear.” With this in mind, the Zen and Mantra are made for those who want more than just sports, for those looking to connect with the water, to dissolve their worries about the past and future and to focus on the present moment.


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