How to clean and store your wetsuit

Take care of our equipment is an excellent choice to extend the life of our wetsuit and enjoy it as we did the first day. Learn how to do it and enjoy your next adventures to the fullest.

Take care of our equipment is an excellent choice to extend the life of our neoprene and enjoy it as we did the first day.


By cleaning our wetsuit after each use we will be able to maintain all the properties of its materials in perfect condition.

This process should be done especially after the use of the neoprene in salt water or in water with chlorine. 

Duration: 10 minutes

Materials: Water, pH neutral soap.

1. Clear the wetsuit using fresh water to remove any excess salt water or chlorine.

2. Apply a small amount of pH neutral soap to the wetsuit and gently rub the wetsuit panels.

3. Rinse the neoprene to remove any remaining soap.

4. Turn the wetsuit inside-out and hang it up from the waist to dry naturally without exposing it to direct sunlight or any heat source.


Proper storage of the wetsuit will prevent the appearance of wrinkles in the neoprene, and keep the seams free of tension through the time. 

The best way to store a wetsuit is to hang it at the waist, to avoid tension in the most sensitive areas (shoulders and arms).

1. In wetsuits with a high elasticity (e.g. Orca Alpha, Orca Predator), it is very important not to use a hanger to hang the wetsuit from the shoulders.

2. In other models it is possible to use a hanger, as long as it is wide and the neoprene does not suffer tension in the neck and shoulders.

3. To protect the SCS coating on the outside of the wetsuit, we advise to add a small layer of baby powder when storing it for long periods of time to better preserve the coating.


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