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August 7, 2018

SWIMMING TIPS | How to improve your body rotation in the water by Liz Blatchford

When you swim, both your body's position and the way that you balance affect the way that your body glides through the water. Once again, we asked our athletes about some drills that can improve your swimming technique, help you beat the clock and get a time that might be worthy of the podium.

Today we asked Liz Blatchford, an athlete from the BMC-Vifit Sport Team powered by Uplace who has dedicated most of her life to swimming and triathlons and made it to the podium on numerous occasions such as Ironman and the World Series. She will demonstrate three new drills for us, which this time are aimed at training for correct body positioning.

For these drills, you will need a snorkel and fins.

1. Core Kick 

For the first drill, you will keep your body in a horizontal position with your arms at your sides while kicking with flippers, while always keeping your eye level at 45 degrees, as seen in the photos and the video (below).

2. One Arm Extended Drill

For the second drill, keep your body in the same position, but this time reach one arm forward. Keep it there for a few minutes before switching to the other, and so on.

3. Arms extended Drill 

The third drill is the same as the previous two, except that this time, while still in a horizontal position, you will keep both arms outstretched without rotating.

You can see in the video how this drill helps you to keep your body in a horizontal position as much as possible without exerting a lot of effort, so that it comes more naturally and you're not forcing yourself into a new bad position.