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August 30, 2018

SWIMRUN SERIES| Equipment | Swimrun Wetsuits

Today in our Swimrun series, we are talking about one of the basic elements of practicing this sport, which is none other than... the wetsuit!

Your choice of wetsuit is key to the race, so we recommend taking some time to find the one that suits you. It is important to choose a wetsuit specifically for Swimrun, instead of a swimming or triathlon wetsuit, because it is designed exclusively for this type of competition and adapted to the needs of the swimrunners. The construction and materials in these wetsuits are specially developed for this type of race.

TIP 1 | The Different Types of Swimrun Wetsuits

Unlike triathlon wetsuits which have a zipper in the back, swimrun wetsuits have a front zipper for better ventilation during the race or sometimes even two zippers, so you can take it off during long race segments.

Another feature unique to Swimrun wetsuits is their vest-like construction, which provides elasticity and ventilation during the race so the wetsuit does not need to be taken off.

Swimrun wetsuits are known for their versatility. They easily adapt to different weather conditions with features such as removable sleeves, short suit legs and the option to add padding.

It is important to choose a wetsuit with a lot of stretch in the lower body which will be advantageous during the running portion of the race and counteract the use of the shoes and accessories.

TIP 2 | How to Choose Your Wetsuit

When choosing your wetsuit, it is very important to find the right size and fit. In order to choose your correct size, we recommend that you use your chest measurements as a guide, since this is the most important factor in avoiding the appearance of water pockets.

When you try your wetsuit on, remember to run in it to make sure that it fits correctly for both swimming and running. Due to the materials used in swimrun wetsuits, you are likely to feel comfortable in several sizes, so we recommend going to a store to be personally fitted.

TIP 3 | Characteristics You Should Look for in a Wetsuit

Every wetsuit is different but it is important that you choose one with several pockets for storing accessories and food. Remember that it should have a lot of stretch in the lower body so that you have total freedom of movement during the race as well as being versatile and adaptable to different conditions. It is important not to use a triathlon wetsuit that is adapted to swimrun to avoid chafing and overheating.

In this video our swimrunners tell us what goes into choosing a swimrun wetsuit and the advantages it offers.

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