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Aitzi Santos' super-sprint triathlon training programme

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February 16, 2016

Super-Sprint Triathlon Training Program with Aitzi Santos

If you know that training is a part of the dream, then you are ready! 

We believe the only limits in life are those in your mind and that’s why we want to help you to achieve the exciting challenge of competing in a triathlon in 2016.

Working with Aitziber Santos, an experienced trainer who helped a group of 20 ladies complete their first triathlon in 2015, we will provide you with a training programme to get you to the starting line for your first super-sprint distance triathlon all ready to go.

Aitzi Santos Super-Sprint Triathlon Training Programme

This programme will start on February 29th, and every fortnight after this we will publish in our blog all the training and advice you need to become a real triathlete. Putting aside just 3 times slots a week to train, in 16 weeks you will be ready to finish your first super-sprint distance triathlon! Totally doable!

Here's a message from Aitzi before we get started:

“If you're reading this it's because something has stirred you inside you as you've read about the possibility of becoming a triathlete.

So welcome, because today you have decided to become a triathlete.

When I started competing in triathlons I noticed something - there were so few women on the starting line and I decided I wanted to help change this. I often talk to women who would love to take on the challenge of completing a triathlon but don't have the courage to take the next step. It's so easy to hide behind excuses like it'll be too hard, I don't have enough time to train etc and the fear of trying something you've never done before...But to begin something new you don't have to have done it before! It's easy to forget that an expert was once a beginner and that swimming, biking and running is for both men and women. That's why the most important challenge to overcome when starting out is simply to let go of these excuses and decide that today you're going to begin a new sport and, in doing so, take up a healthy challenge.

There is only one thing you need to join us: A mad desire to cross the finish line and believe in yourself.

Becoming a “Finisher” is not just about crossing the finish line; it is more than that. It's all about life philosophy, desire and determination to achieve this challenge, to make it possible when it seems impossible, to keep on going when others give up; it is all about getting back up every time you fall; being a “Finisher” is all about realizing that you set your own limits “

Welcome to triathlon! I look forward to sharing this journey with you."

Aitzi Santos

Aitzi Santos Super-Sprint Triathlon Training Programme