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Alessandro Fabian

Alessandro Fabian Triathlete
I like to think I'm made of iron; outside and especially inside
Alessandro Fabian

Alessandro Fabian comes from Padova in Italy and is the current Italian triathlete champion. Swimming since the age of four, becoming a full blown triathlete was a gradual thing for Alessandro. With his swimming background he started out in Aquathon's, moved to Duathlon's (where he won a world title) and finally moved to Triathlon in 2006. In 2009 Alessandro was the U23 ITU World Champion and has progressed to being the 2013 and 2014 Italian national champion. Find out more below about what makes Alessandro tick and how to be an Ironmind.


What do you do? What is your profession?

I’m a professional athlete and I race for C.S. Carabinieri. I am a triathlete.

How long have you been a triathlete?

Since 2006.

Do you think your education or your career has helped to prepare you mentally for racing?

I think that both have helped me to prepare myself mentally for racing. Maybe my education was more important at the beginning because it is part of each athlete and we have it to compete, then your career can help you with your success.

Have you been an athlete all your life or did you have some sort of epiphany that got you into it?

I’ve been an athlete since I was ten years old. I'd always swum and raced until I was 18 years old. When I was a swimmer I thought that the difference between me and Michael Phelps was the type of fish; he represents a shark and I could represent a goldfish. When I realized this, I decided that I wanted to become a shark as well, so I started an adventure called triathlon.

What do you do when you're not training or racing?

When I’m not training or racing I like to spend time with my friends creating some special moments together like dinners or excursions. But I’m Italian and like all Italian people I love eating good food and drinking good wine. I also like to be alone, surrounded by nature.

What’s been your worst moment in a race?

My worst moment in a race was when I couldn’t finish the competition because of an injury or because I was disqualified.

How did you overcome this?

I focused on my next objective and visualized what my next step was. When this happens I try not to think about it so I don’t waste any energy.

Tell us the main differences you see between physical and mental strength.

Your mind can take you anywhere you want! You are like a car: The driver is your mind and the car is your body. The only difference between a car and a body is that the body hides its power and we don’t know it's actually there.

When you feel you can’t go any further, when you want to give up, what goes through your mind? What does your body tell you and what does your mind come back with?

Motivation, because I’m there and because I know I can do it. Some years ago I thought about giving up and sometimes I feel depressed but I also have to overcome these moments, so I talk to my body and my mind; this is the only way I become stronger.

How do you normally feel before the start of a race?

How do you feel when you have an important meeting, an important exam or a date with a wonderful girl? The emotions are very similar. Try and imagine these moments, that's how I feel before a race.

In triathlon is it necessary to have inner strength? Be made of iron maybe?

Yes, I like to think I'm made of iron; outside and especially inside.

Alessandro Fabian

2013 and 2014 Italian Triathlete Champion