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Orca 2021 range


March 15, 2021


Orca is launching its new range of products for this 2021 season with great new developments in the Open Water range, in particular the incorporation of a new wetsuit designed especially for cold weather adventure lovers. This wetsuit utilizes the most advanced thermal insulation technologies in the sector and will allow you to enjoy the ocean even at coldest times of the year or in areas where low temperatures are common. Introducing the Orca Openwater RS1 Thermal.


The new Openwater RS1 Thermal is the wetsuit with the most thermal insulation in the open water range thanks to the combination of different technologies; the “Batwing” construction, the incorporation of a thermal lining and the use of different types of Yamamoto neoprene. All of this does not compromise freedom of movement or comfort when swimming. 


To prevent heat loss through the back zipper, the Openwater RS1 Thermal incorporates a "Batwing" construction consisting of a second layer of neoprene. This prevents water from seeping through the zipper and coming into direct contact with the body, keeping a layer of warm water inside. In addition, the “Batwing” guarantees a very snug fit in the neck, reducing friction and water entry from the neck area into the suit. 



The RS1 Thermal also features a thermal lining. It is a high-performance interior lining that retains heat more efficiently than other conventional lining fabrics. It is also soft and pleasant to the touch which is very comfortable when swimming in open water. 



The material used in the shoulders of the RS1 Thermal is Yamamoto 40 along with the Infinityskin lining. This material is capable of stretching by up to 130%, more than double its original size, providing maximum performance in your swim stroke. Yamamoto 40 has proven to be one of the best materials for the large ranges of movements that occur in the shoulders. It has 72% less resistance to these movements than a conventional neoprene material. 


In the torso, Yamamoto 39 technology, which is up to 5 mm thick, provides maximum thermal insulation where it is most needed, respecting the positioning and the natural movement of the swimmer. This material provides 85% more of an insulation effect compared to not wearing a wetsuit.
The Openwater RS1 Thermal is one of the most advanced wetsuits in terms of technologies, designed for demanding swimmers who want to keep enjoying their favorite sport despite the lowest temperatures, maintaining the needed comfort and flexibility at all times.