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October 2, 2018

SWIMMING TIPS | How to improve your catch in the water by Will Clarke

Today we are back with some new tips for improving your swimming technique with exercises to perfect your grip on the water, again with the help of professional triathlete Will Clarke.

Once again, we have three drills that are practiced by athletes from the BMC-Vifit Sport Team powered by Uplace that can boost your swimming performance like never before.

For these drills, you will need a pull buoy and a snorkel.

1. Sculling drill 

For the first drill, place the pull buoy between your legs to keep your body afloat and your legs motionless. Then, move your arms by bending your wrists as shown in the video (below), feeling the momentum that you create with your hands in the water, in order to find the optimal position.


2. Underwater recovery drill

For the second drill, again using both tools, put the pull buoy between your legs and swim forward just as in the previous drill, but this time do the stroke without raising your wrist out of the water, as seen in the photos.


3. High Elbow catch drill 

For this post's third and final drill, keep the same position with the pull buoy between your legs and continue using the snorkel. The only thing that will change is your arm movement, which you will do by completing your swim strokes without ever taking your arms out of the water, as seen in the pictures.

Although everyone's grip technique tends to be rather personal, these exercises can help you get a better feel of the water, so that your grip helps you to cover more meters at a faster speed.

Here's the instructional video. Enjoy!