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July 3, 2018

HOW TO| How should a wetsuit fit by Chris Leiferman

Hello Orca fans! As you saw in our other posts, we are continuing our collaboration with the BMC-Vifit Sport Team powered by Uplace, in search of helpful advice that can come in handy when taking on a triathlon or an adventure.

In the video below, Chris Leiferman shares several pointers for making sure your wetsuit fits your body as well as possible, how important it is not to have it too tight and areas of the wetsuit which require more flexibility. According to Chris, the first way to tell that a wetsuit fits you correctly is to make sure that you are comfortable in it and that there are no empty gaps in the suit that could fill with water and slow you down when you swim.

Along with this, Chris recommends making sure that the movement of your arms is not restricted, as sometimes a wetsuit can be too tight and this doesn't allow you to perform full swim strokes. If you happen to find a size that fits you perfectly everywhere except the shoulders, you might be able to hike the wetsuit up in the sleeves and legs in order to get that extra flexibility. However it is important to prevent wrinkles in the suit as Chris tells us that these can slow you down.

Your wetsuit could also end up being too long or big. Chris says not to worry if your wetsuit is too short, but still fits comfortably, as the length of the sleeves or legs will not impact your buoyancy or your swimming technique.

Finally, Chris focuses on the neck area of the wetsuit, as it is crucial that water does not enter the wetsuit through the neck. It is important to know how to fit your wetsuit properly so that it will not restrict breathing or allow water to enter the suit and create pockets inside.


This video visually demonstrates the pointers as Chris explains. These are very useful for knowing whether a wetsuit fits you correctly or not. Subscribe to our Youtube channel for more!