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Super Sprint Triathlon Training Program with Aitzi Santos - Part 8

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July 18, 2016

Super-Sprint Triathlon Training Program - Part 8 - The Finale!

It's the final countdown! Congratulations for having gotten this far - you are almost a triathlon finisher!

The training sessions are nearly done, and we are gonna enjoy our challenge day! You are ready to make your first debut at a super sprint triathlon. From rookie to triathlete!

The last week is the easiest regarding training sessions, in fact we will train just a little bit. The hard work has already been done, that’s why the last week you just need to activate your body with light training, it won’t be useful to try to make up the day before for sessions you might have missed during these last weeks. So try not to be tempted to do so. We need to plan everything for D day aka the Race!


Super Sprint Triathlon Training Program Week 16


Super Sprint Triathlon Training Program Week 17

Now pay attention, make a list of all the things you will need for race day.

Think of every single segment of the triathlon and what you could possibly need for them, invest some time into this because it will be very useful for race day, here some examples:

Apart from the your essential tri gear like a wetsuit, goggles, racesuit, take some extra socks, a swim cap, etc. Also bring a race belt, a timing chip strap (sometimes it is given by the race organization), think about what you will need to put on your wetsuit (plastic bags or something similar) so you won’t damage it, and maybe some kind of body glide if you think you will need it. Normally I take some sunscreen too in order to protect me while I’m doing the triathlon. 

These are some basic examples, take your time to make a list of everything based on the race and weather conditions.

It's also very important to think about your nutrition leading up to and on race day. Depending on the time of the race, you may need to adapt to an earlier breakfast in order to get your body used to it, so you will have your body full of energy!

After taking into account these simple tips, the only thing I can do, is wish you good luck! And please enjoy the race, enjoy the super sprint triathlon, that’s why we have trained.

But be careful, triathlon is addictive!

All the best! Aitzi