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Orca introduces their RS1 Swimrun wetsuit, perfect for this exciting new race format.

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April 13, 2016

Introducing: The RS1 SwimRun Wetsuit

Swimrun is a unique race format in that teams of two must race across land, sea and lakes alternating swimming and running whllst carrying everything they need to complete the race with them! With no gear changes allowed, and a wetsuit often being mandatory, this race poses a unique wetsuit challenge - to provide something that is flexible,breathable and durable enough to run in, but at the same time remaining buoyant and flexible for the swim as well. This is a challenge we believe we have met with the introduction of our RS1 Swimrun wetsuit.

Key features that make the RS1 Swimrun wetsuit so unique:

Back and front zips make getting in and out of the suit a breeze and allow for greater freedom of movement and breathability in the run, while a whistle on the front zip cord provides added security.

Front Zipper Orca RS1 Swimrun wetsuit

2mm arm and crotch panels make this suit super flexible for not only the swim, but also the run so there is no bulky neoprene getting in the way of your stride.

Flexible Hip Panels Orca RS1 Swimrun Wetsuit

Fullsleeve neoprene arms with cutting guidelines for modifying the sleeve length means the ideal sleeve length can be achieved for individual requirements.

7mm front leg panels provide the buoyancy required to be in the best swimming position in the water, lifting your legs up should you start to tire through this long race.

Buoyant leg panel of Orca RS1 Swimrun Wetsuit

A durable butt panel protects the suit if the inevitable slipping and sliding should happen.

Handy inner front pockets provide storage of race compulsories like GPS.

Make sure you're equipped for your very first Swimrun race with our RS1 Swimrun wetsuit - get your very own RS1 Swimrun wetsuit here. Check out all the Swimrun races Orca will be supporting around the world in 2016 - we hope to see you at one of them!