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Orca supports expansion of Swimrun races around the world

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April 12, 2016

Supporting the expansion of SwimRun races around the world

A relatively new sport that began in Sweden in 2006, the Swimrun race format has been rapidly growing in popularity with hundreds of races across Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Germany and Sweden and Orca has been there.

Now in 2016 we are excited to be getting behind the expansion of this race to the rest of the world! We will be supporting the 1st Swimrun event in Spain with the Swimrun Costa Brava event in April, the 1st Swimrun event in USA with the Casco Bay Islands Swimrun, and the major Swimrun event in the capital of the home of Swimrun, at the Stockholm Swimrun in June. We will also be sponsoring the Breca Swimrun series held throughout the UK, Hells Hop in Scotland and finally the Barcelona Swimrun in November.

Orca RS1 Swimrun Wetsuit in Action

In line with this event support, and following on from the success of our RS1 SwimRun wetsuit released in 2015, we’re pleased to announce the upcoming release in July of our Core SwimRun wetsuit. The soon to be released Core version will offer a price-pointed option that meets the unique Swimrun race requirements with the flexibility to swim unrestricted, the freedom of movement to run off-trail and durablility to sustain lots of slips and knocks.

We believe the Swimrun ethos of conquering nature aligns perfectly with the Orca brand and we look forward to getting behind the expansion of this unique race format in 2016 for more to enjoy!

For further information, please contact: 

Raul Casanas - Marketing Manager