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Orca offers a wetsuit for every swimmers needs.

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March 23, 2016

A Wetsuit for Every Swimmer: Introducing our Wetsuit Matrix

The Wetsuit Matrix Explained

We know that not all swimmers are alike, so within our range we offer wetsuits to suit every swim style and budget so that every athlete's individual needs can be met.Orca's wetsuit matrix helps you to easily identify which suit is best for you!

1. FLEXIBILITY - Those who are streamlined naturally strong swimmers and have good body position and technique so are looking for the most flexible suit around to compliment this and make them even faster.

We recommend:

Orca Alpha - Extreme Freedom

Recognized as the most flexible, unrestricted wetsuit on the market, the Alpha is designed to compliment a good swimmer’s technique and get you moving even faster through the water. Featuring industry first 0.88 Free arms for unrivalled flexibility and forearm water feedback, as well as carefully placed Exo-cell Buoyancy dots for better buoyancy position and equilibrium.

Orca Alpha Wetsuit Pure Freedom

Orca Equip - Maximum Freedom

If you're looking for the most flexible entry-level open water swimming wetsuit to help you transition from pool swimming to open water, then the Equip wetsuit is for you. The all new Equip now features 1.5mm arms and shoulders and with the superior InfinitySkin lining this suit now achieves a range of motion and flexibility previously associated only with intermediate level wetsuits.

2. TOTAL SOLUTION - For those average swimmers who don’t have a particularly bad technique but would still benefit greatly from some extra buoyancy, whilst also wanting that feeling of freedom and flexibility with every stroke.

We recommend:

Orca Predator - The Ultimate 

For ultimate swim assistance, the Predator wetsuit will keep you streamlined even when you tire whilst also providing ultimate buoyancy, flexibility and feel for the water. The material used in the Core Lateral Stabilizer greatly improves body position, profile and therefore speed. While the industry-first 0.88 Free arms provide complete freedom in your stroke.

Orca Predator Wetsuit

Orca Sonar - The All-rounder

The Sonar provides the perfect mix of flexibility and buoyancy - offering flexibility, which some brands reserve for their elite wetsuits, at an intermediate budget. Carefully placed Aerodome2 panels lift the body into the most efficient swimming position, saving you time in the swim.

3. BUOYANCY - For those swimmers who need to kick a lot to avoid their legs from dropping and creating drag due to a lack of natural buoyancy for their needs. Offers male and female specific buoyancy due to women carrying more natural buoyancy in their hips.

We recommend:

Orca 3.8 - Extreme Support

The 3.8 wetsuit is going to give you maximum buoyancy in the water - customized by gender, whilst still being super flexible. This gender-specific buoyancy allows for more balanced buoyancy, while 1.5mm 40 cell shoulders and under-arm panels give ultimate stretch where you need it most. Making the 3.8 a wetsuit that’s going to give you buoyancy just where you need it, and not where you don’t.

Orca S6 - Maximum Support

If you're looking for an entry-level open water swimming wetsuit that offers great flex and buoyancy for superb value. A 5mm SCS coated Yamamoto front panel and a 5mm lower back panel provides maximum buoyancy and freedom of movement in the water.

Orca S6 Wetsuit Valued Buoyancy