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Sophie Corbidge's chocolate brownie

Food & Drink

June 25, 2015

Sophie Corbidge’s Epic Chocolate Brownie Treat

NZ ITU athlete and Orca ambassador Sophie Corbidge loves to bake and is well known for coming up with some delicious creations! We asked her to share one of these tried and true recipes with us! This Epic Chocolate Brownie Treat is perfect for those massive training days where you just need to get the calories in…or to treat yourself for a race well done! By no means a low-calorie dessert, but using quality, natural ingredients ensures the nutritional value is good. Try it out, you won’t be disappointed!



150g butter or spread of choice

200g quality dark chocolate (70% plus)

3/4 cup low GI sugar or raw cane sugar

4 large eggs

3/4 cup raw cacao or cocoa powder

2 tsp vanilla essence

3/4 cup white choc chips or chopped nuts



(Preheat oven to 160 degree C fanbake)

1. Melt butter & chocolate on low heat in saucepan

2. Remove from heat & stir in sugar until smooth.

3. Mix in 4 beaten eggs and vanilla essence until combined.

4. Fold in the cocoa powder carefully then add the choc chips or nuts

5. Bake for 35-45min or until cooked through. Remove slightly earlier if you desire a gooey consistency.

6. Allow to cool then slice and enjoy!


Check out Sophie’s Instagram account: sophiecorbidge for inspiration of more drool-worthy treats for after that long ride!