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July 23, 2018

HOW TO | How to select your wetsuit size by Chris Leiferman

At Orca, we are turning to Chris Leiferman again who is showing us some tricks for choosing the proper size wetsuits from the Orca range.

In the below video you will see that according to Chris, the best way to determine your size is to start with your chest size, using a measuring tape.

However, he does not only focus on this area and there are alternatives to this method if it doesn't work for you. Your second priority when choosing your wetsuit size is length, since a wetsuit that is too tight can be too constricted in the shoulders and groin area, get in the way of movement and act against any buoyancy added by the wetsuit, as mentioned in our previous post.

Finally, a factor that is often overlooked but still important is your body weight. If you find yourself between two sizes, Chris recommends weighing yourself and using that, along with your basic measurements, to determine whether to go a size up or down, ensuring a perfect fit for your Orca wetsuit.

Even if you use these tricks, there is still room for error, so in these cases the best option is to visit a local store that sells Orca's range of wetsuits so that you are able to try them on and see how they feel.