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Super Sprint Triathlon Training Program with Aitzi Santos - Part 7

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May 23, 2016

Super-Sprint Triathlon Training Program - Part 7

It’s the final countdown!

The days are flying by and the date of being ready for your first super-sprint triathlon is nearly here! Every week we are working towards this challenge, and if we keep on giving it our best effort and sticking with the training we will achieve it.

Here are the next three weeks’ training sessions and some tips to begin with open water work!

WEEK 13 Super Sprint Triathlon Training Program Week 13


Super Sprint Triathlon Training Program Week 14


Super Sprint Triathlon Training Program Week 15

Some Tips for Openwater Swimming

Find a buddy to swim with.

If we are training in open water, the more risks we eliminate, the better. It's a good idea to use a safety buoy so you will be easily seen by boaties and other swimmers in the openwater.

You will need a wetsuit, even more so for the months before the competition, when the water is still very cold. Not only because of the temperature, but also because of the buoyancy and hydrodynamics it will give you, remember there is a wetsuit for each swimmer. Find out which is the best wetsuit for you.

Get used to taking a breath every 4 or 5 strokes, you will need to look up to orient yourself in the open water (you will miss the ease of a swimming pool’s markings!). Try doing it in the swimming pool first.

You will have to learn to breath on both sides, waves will make you suffer a lot if you do not know it, also practice it when you are in the swimming pool.

Take advantage of your swimming buddy and learn to swim on their feet. This means swim right up behind her on her feet, and similar to how it feels when you ride your bike close behind someone,  this will help you to swim without losing as much energy as you are in their slipstream.

When you are exiting the water, put your body horizontally until your feet touch the sand. It will be a great help to run out of the beach.

Don’t worry if you feel dizzy after a long session in open water, nor if your heart rate is high, this is very normal.

If you get nervous while you are training, relax and lie on your back to take a break. The most important is enjoying the sea.

I am sure that by applying these tips you are even closer to that finish line, so keep on working. And most importantly, enjoy!


Aitzi Santos Sprint Triathlon Training Program in the Openwater