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Orca Predator, el neopreno más avanzado del mercado

Ideal para Total swimmers

¿Qué significa esto?

Tras 25 años innovando, Orca lanza el neopreno más avanzado de la historia. El Predator es el equilibrio perfecto entre flotabilidad y flexibilidad. Diseñado para el Total Swimmer, proporciona la máxima flotabilidad en el tronco inferior, elevando la cadera para conseguir una posición más hidrodinámica y gracias a los materiales exclusivos de Orca proporciona una máxima flexibilidad en la parte superior del cuerpo, que te permitirán ahorrar energía en cada brazada. La tecnología más avanzada para conseguir el máximo rendimiento.

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“Es el mejor neopreno que jamás he tenido.”



Moderno, competitivo, con gusto por la estética… Si tú también te identificas con nuestro neopreno Predator, no olvides subir una foto con tu neopreno Orca y etiquetarnos en tu publicación. Queremos conocerte. Cada día somos más Predators.


Wild as the leopard 🐆 With this new skin, our riders @ibzugasti and @aleixespargaro will give their best in the @capeepic 🚴 It's time to be wild🤟 Go for it guys!

Maximum freedom of movement with the finest neoprene on the market 🙌 Orca's exclusive 0.88 Free material, used in the forearm area, allows a sensation of freedom like you never seen before 🏊‍♂️

The help that you need, when you need it most 💪 The Aerodome technology implemented in the new Orca Predator provides up to 30% more buoyancy when swimming 🏊‍♂️

The spirit of the speed 🐆 The riders of the @orbeafactoryteam will be accompanied by the spirit of the leopard, the fastest animal in the world, on the Cape Epic 🚴

Technique as the key 🤩 . Thanks to the CLS panel in the new Orca Predator, staying stable will be much easier... 🏊‍♂️ . The 5mm thick CLS panel is positioned in the lateral zone of the legs, to help you control any rotations of your body during swimming 🏊‍♀️

One of the biggest problems with wetsuits is the absorption of water in the inner lining, which causes a lose of buoyancy during the swim 🌊 . The Exo-Lift material used in the new Orca Predator prevents any water absorption, to achieve a constant buoyancy throughout the entire swim, keeping you more hydrodynamic 🏊‍♂️

South Africa, where animals are the kings 🐆 Introducing the special edition kit for the @orbeafactoryteam that @ibzugasti and @aleixespargaro will be wearing in the Cape Epic 💪 Hurry up and get your kit in Available until March 25th 😉

Are you a predator? All of us we have a predator hidden inside of us, and in the competition is when we have to let him out. Use the hashtag #IAMPREDATOR in your photos, and share with us the moments in which you are the most feared. Would you dare to be a predator?

Be clever, be smart... I AM PREDATOR One of the most important things in a race is to be clever and to identify the best moments to push yourself. If you would like to run and cycle with all your energy, our Orca Predator will give you the help that you need in every stroke. To push yourself when you need it. Because your race begins now.

Perfect fitting... I AM PREDATOR The exclusive Orca material Yamamoto 44 cell used in the shoulder area, provide a perfect fit and a greater freedom in every movement.

Greater buoyancy... I AM PREDATOR The Aerodome technology used in the lower area of the new Orca Predator provides 30% more buoyancy to the swimmer and helps maintain a hydrodynamic position at all times.

Better flexibility and increased buoyancy… I AM PREDATOR If your technique is good enough, but if you sometimes make small mistakes related to your kicking technique. The Orca Predator will be your best ally… Are you a predator?