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Orca Predator, the most advanced wetsuit on the market

Ideal for Total swimmers

What does this mean?

After 25 years of innovation, Orca is launching its most advanced wetsuit in history. The Predator is the perfect balance between buoyancy and flexibility. Designed for the Total Swimmer, it provides maximum buoyancy to your lower body, raising your hips to achieve a more hydrodynamic position and, thanks to Orca's exclusive materials, it provides maximum flexibility to your upper body, which will allow you to save energy with each stroke. The most advanced technology to achieve maximum performance.

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“It's definitely the best wetsuit I've ever had.”

2014 Im Kona World Champion

“Today I tried the new Orca Predator, simply amazing! It is great how it keeps your legs up, even when they're tired. A wetsuit designed for good swimmers who have trouble keeping their legs elevated. This is definitely their wetsuit.”

Professional paralympic triathlete


Modern, competitive, with a taste for esthetics ... if you too can relate to our Predator wetsuit, don't forget to post a photo of yourself with your Orca wetsuit and tag us. Every day there are more Predators and we want to get to know you.