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Albert Moreno

Orca triathlete Albert Moreno
Albert Moreno

Albert is doing a distance-learning course in tourism to keep his mind active. He is a mischievous and fun. Albert is highly educated, humble, hard-working and truly promising. He was runner-up in the world under-23 Duathlon championship and is the Spanish under-23 Duathlon champion.

He loves music and uses it to motivate himself before a competition. He has a beautiful girlfriend who accompanies and supports him wherever he goes (she is also an athlete).

What is your profession?

I'm a Triathlete and I'm also studying a Tourism degree.

How long have you practiced Triathlon?

I've been practicing triathlon since I was 17

Do you think your education or your career has served to prepare you mentally for the race?

For me it's necessary to have my mind busy in other things, as the tourism degree, this allows me to not think about triathlon all the time. My studies have helped me become a more disciplined person, and this also helps me when practicing triathlon.

Have you been an athlete all your life or was it a revelation? If it was a revelation, what were you doing before?

I started with sports at the age of 10. As most of my age kids, I began playing soccer, but at the age of 16 I moved into duathlon and athletics. After this transition, the next year I started with triathlon.

What do you do when you're not training or competing?

My family and friends are really important to me, so when I'm not training I like to spend as much time as I can with them, especially with my girlfriend. They have to put up with me, and it's not an easy task!

Do you have other hobbies?

Yes I like going to the cinema, going out to dinner and eating ice cream with some good company.

What's the worst moment you remember in a race?

The last year on the alpe d'huez LD, I felt really tired when I started the half marathon and had stomach problems. But I never think of the option of DNF, I finished the race and I think it was a big learning experience for me.

How did you overcome it?

It was a big learning experience, and after it I could take a few lessons from it that I now use in my other races.

Tell us what difference you see between the physical and mental strength.

I don't see a big difference but I feel that it's very important to try to remember your main goals.

When competing, what are you most afraid of?

I just try to do my best , and I feel happy when I can give 100% at every race.

What's the most rewarding feeling you have ever had?

This year in Extreme Man Salou, I felt really strong in running and I felt like I could fly. Another good feeling was in the last WC Duathlon, when I finished 2nd for the U23.

When you feel you can't go any further, when you want to give up, what goes through your mind? What does your body tell you and what will you answer?

I think of my familiy, friends... and I think that I have to do it for them. I can't fail them.

When you are down on energy, what do you do, how do you overcome it?

During the race it's difficult but I grab a gel and isotonic and continue on the journey. And out of the races, it's important to look after the recovery.

What does concentration mean for you? What role does it take when you train or compete?

I listen to music before the race, and with this I get motivated and ready for the race.

What kind of feelings do you have before you start a competition?

I think of winning!

Is it possible to overcome absolute exhaustion through sheer concentration alone?

Only for moments.

What is your mental strength?

The consistency I push for when I like do something.

Do you behave differently in your life and during a race?

Not so much, I am generally a very nervous boy so during the race I have to control it a lot.

In this sport, is it necessary to have a strong personality? Be made of iron maybe?

Yes, be made of iron, be strong, and always try to do your best.

Your worst enemy is your mind?

No, my mind is my strongest element in racing.

What holds you back the most? What were you most afraid of?

Failing on the day 'D'

What is the difference between winning and losing? For you, what is more important?

I always prefer to win, I love winning. But with a defeat you can learn a lot and make more improvement.

What structure does a race have in terms of the level of sensations? What do you start with, what do you end with, and what do you experience along the way?

You start really excited, and during the race you relax, and the last part of the race you feel really excited to finish and grab a win.

Albert Moreno

2nd in Ironman Aix en Provence 2013