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How to navigate and swim safely in open water

By Philip Graves

In this 10th Flash Tip from Orca, ITU athlete and youngest Ironman Champion Philip Graves offers tips on safely swimming in the openwater. Phil's tips are to:

1. Stay safe and be seen - you can do this by wearing high visibility clothing or a wetsuit like the Orca Openwater wetsuit which has high vis arms. He also recommends using something like a swim buoy to keep all your belongings safe and secure for peace of mind while you're out swimming.
2. Sight every 5 to 6 strokes for the most direct line to swim - practising doing this in a pool first is a good idea to build confidence so you know you're taking the shortest line in every race
3. Adapt your stroke to the water conditions - what works in flat water is not going to be the best option for choppy seas

And most importantly, get out there and enjoy! Remember to add your favourite route to so everyone else can enjoy it too!