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The personalized gear you've been waiting for.

Now with Orca Custom, you can personalize your team's competition and training gear without sacrificing the Orca quality that you love so much.

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Customized orders.

You'll have a private store for your club where each member can buy their gear individually. The club will receive the order with an individual package for each member.

You can forget about having to collect money and distribute the merchandise.

Accessible design.

You can design your gear based on 9 basic designs that will provide you with an infinite number of combinations to make it unique for your club. If you already have a previous design or you want us to work on a specific design for your club, we can do that too!

You no longer need a designer to create your custom gear.

Compete. Train. Enjoy.

You'll have available for your club a full range of triathlon, swimming, biking and running gear, as well as casual clothing.

Forget about having to work with different suppliers.

Quick, simple and starting at only 6 units.

Receive your club's gear just 10 weeks after the store closes and with a super small minimum order of only 6 units per item. You can also reorder as many times as you'd like.

Your club members won't even have time to ask you where the order is.

Close by.

We give you the chance to try out the product in our Orca stores, where besides checking out the quality of all our products, you can also have a fitting with the help of an expert. If you prefer, you can also pick up your club's order at the same point of sale.

You know what you're getting.

Step by step

It's easy to customize your club's clothing with Orca.
In 5 simple steps, you'll have your club's gear at your doorstep.

  • 01

    Get started designing!

    Start by selecting the basic design that you like best for your club's gear.

    If you already have your own design, select the 100% customized option so that we can replicate it for you. Once you've made your choice, you can select your club's colors and upload your logos. Just click on the "next" button and your design will be exported to our entire product range. Become an expert designer.

  • 02

    Choose the gear you want to include in your store

    You can choose the items you want to make available to your club members from a range of 109 items for 4 different sports: cycling, triathlon, running, swimming and street wear. Everything you need in a single click.

  • 03

    Save your project

    Save your project and one of our agents will contact you within 48h to answer any questions you might have.

    Next, we'll ask you for your team logos and we'll make any necessary adjustments so that they come out exactly how you want. Let's get started!

  • 04

    Activating your online store

    Once the final design has been approved for your club, we will activate an exclusive online store so that each member can place their order and pay for it on an individual basis. The shop will close after the previously agreed period (approximately 2 weeks) and then production will start, which will last for about 10 weeks. Now just make your purchase!

  • 05

    Validating the samples and receiving your order

    Around two weeks after production starts, you'll receive a sample to make sure that what you saw on screen is really what you want. If not, we'll make the necessary adjustments until you are 100% satisfied. Five weeks later, you'll receive your team's complete order at the address you provided. Each individual order will be labeled separately so that you can deliver it to your team members. Get ready to compete!


Gear for any weather, and a Pro competition line so that you can choose whatever best suits your needs.


Your team's colors are something you like to show off, and not just when you're competing or training. That' why we have created a collection of polo shirts and sweatshirts so you can wear them everywhere.


Everything you need for your training sessions in the pool. Garments that are 100% chlorine resistant, capable of keeping up with you.


We have a super complete range of running gear, with both winter and summer collections so that nothing stops you, no matter what.


Our triathlon range is designed to meet the needs of every triathlete, no matter what their level or taste. One and two piece suits in two different qualities, Club and Pro, so that you can proudly show off your club's colors.

Get some inspiration

Need some ideas to get started creating your own design?

Take a look at the customization options we offer you based on designs created by other teams and clubs.

Any questions?

Leave us your information and we'll get in touch with you within 48 hours to clear everything up.