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February 25, 2020


I's hard to believe the 2019 season has already come to an end. With its end comes the off-season, the perfect time to start planning next year's season. It's still a long way away, but there are some details that are good to work out well before the season's start. One of these is the equipment with which you will face the challenges 2020 brings.

The equipment you compete with can be a play a crucial role in your season, both in terms of your performance and comfort. There are many brands in the market offering equipment, but there is a growing demand for clubs to have their own competition clothing, which sets them apart from competitors. So that your race number isn't the only thing that sets you apart in competitions.

At Orca we know that every athlete has unique characteristics and that every garment must be adapted to these. The new Orca Custom range for 2020 is the perfect reflection of this. It gives you the ability to feel like your clothes are really yours whether you're competing or training. With this idea/goal in mind, the new range allows you to make the best equipment on the market your own, customizing it with the colors and logos of your club. Start your season by designing your equipment while you practice your passion. You and your club members can choose the style that best suits you to take you through the season, giving visibility to your club and sponsors.

Once you have chosen the design that best suits you, our design team will adapt it to all the clothing you need: cycling, triathlon, running, swimming and casual clothing. You can choose from a range of 109 items. Throughout the process, you will have the support of our designers who will make sure that within just 10 weeks you can get all your equipment ready for the season.