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Front image of Orca's 2015 Safety Buoy

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July 24, 2015

Orca Safety Buoy for a feeling of security in the Openwater

Do you love to get out in the openwater to swim in your wetsuit? Don't you love that feeling of freedom, of being one with nature as you stroke your way through the sea? But sometimes feel a bit worried about your safety? Fear not! Orca's new Safety Buoy is here in all it's high vis orange glory!

These handy safety swim buoys are made of PVC and the colour makes sure you are clearly visible to lifeguards and boats while swimming out in the openwater. Not only does it give you an added feeling of safety, but it's fully waterproof compartment also keeps your valuables dry and secure. So no more worrying about what to do with your keys while you swim! A fully adjustable waist and connecting strap means you can get the perfect fit you require, without interfering with performance or your swim style.

Never seen one of these in action before and wondering how you'd use it? See below pic of Orca triathlete Asa Lundstrom swimming with one. Want to complete the high vis look for added security? Wear the safety buoy with one of our Openwater wetsuits! You can check them out here:


Please Note: this buoy IS NOT a life saving device. We recommend you never swim by yourself, always have a buddy swimmer with you or swim in a group! And if you're looking for some inspiration on new swim spots to check out, take a look at our Best Places to Swim community!