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andrew starykowicz shows how to put on wetsuit

Beginner Triathletes

July 15, 2015

How to put a triathlon wetsuit on

If you're new to triathlon, or specifically wearing a triathlon wetsuit, help is here! Seasoned Ironman athlete Andrew Starykowicz is here to show you step by step how to put on a wetsuit to make sure you have a great fit every time! In this video he covers:

1. Sliding on the legs and pulling the crotch of the suit as high as possible. You can use the plastic booties provided with your Orca wetsuit, or just a plastic bag to make the suit slide easier up your legs.

2. Pulling on the sleeves and drawing them right up on to your shoulders so you have full and unrestricted range of movement.

3. Zipping up yourself, or with a friend's help and attaching the dangling end of the strap to your neck velcro.