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Triathlete Asa Lundstrom in Orca Openwater Wetsuit

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July 2, 2015

Highlight On: Orca's Openwater wetsuit


Since the beginning of time, men have fought to conquer the seas. Drawn by its immensity, it’s mystery or just to see what they would find on the other side. Swimming in the open water is something that has always drawn the type of swimmers that find that the largest pool is too small for them. They want to get out there and connect with nature. When they raise their head they don't want to see the end of a pool; they want to go a step further. However open water swimming is not without it's own challenges, and Orca's Openwater wetsuit answers the challenge to go a step further without the fear of doing so!

With never before seen high visibility neon orange neoprene arms, the point of difference for the Orca Openwater really is the extreme visibility this suit offers it's wearer. Don't wear this suit if you'd like to go unnoticed! Along with this amazing visibility, comes a great feeling of security when you're swimming in the openwater, knowing that you will be seen by boaties and others out sharing the water with you. On top of the security offered, it's 2-2.5mm Yamamoto neoprene means the Orca Openwater is super flexible, giving you great freedom of movement for a wetsuit of this price. With the kid's specific Squad wetsuit available with these high vis arms as well, you really can kit out the whole family at a great price so you can all enjoy the openwater together!

Shop the Openwater Wetsuit now and you'll be on your way to conquering the seven seas with Orca!