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Anual Orca Team meeting


June 25, 2015

Orca Global Team Meeting 2015

Orca began in New Zealand, but over the 20+ years of our existence we have grown to be a global company, spread out all around the world with our global distributors Orbea. Although we all keep in contact via email, Skype and whatsapp throughout the year, we all look forward to our annual global meeting each year to all catch up in real life again!

This year was no different as everyone descended on Bilbao, Spain in May and it was great to see a lot of new faces as Orca has grown throughout the past year. Of course one of the most exciting parts of this meeting is that we all get to check out the brand new collection for 2016! There is so much exciting stuff coming soon, but as this is still top secret we can only show a photo of all our smiling faces! Was a great time of team building and being inspired with stories of how the Orca brand is going in different countries and how we can work together better for the coming season. Watch this space!