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With the 2015 range Orca has revolutionized the triathlon wetsuit market with the introduction of the fastest, most technologically advanced wetsuits available. Innovative development of the most flexible arm and shoulder technology now allows a freedom of choice for a swimmer that is a huge step forward from what has ever been seen before.

Extremely flexible and insulating

This cutting-edge 0.88Free technology features a three-layer construction with a patented heat reflective titanium coating that offers high thermal insulation properties comparative to it’s 0.88mm thickness. Not only is this revolutionarily thin material extremely flexible and insulating, it also offers buoyancy and an extremely low drag co-efficient in the water – making it super fast!


These 0.88Free arm panels also provide the ultimate feel for the water, which is important for an efficient stroke. The results speak for themselves with a 264% increase in flexibility and 2.3x improvement in stretch alongside the increased buoyancy and low drag in the water. Making 0.88Free technology the ultimate weapon for speed in the water.

The Alpha provides the ultimate feeling of pure freedom to those natural swimmers who already have great technique. It’s the perfect suit for those who wish they didn’t have to wear one, because it literally feels like you aren’t. This suit allows the widest range of motion and highest level of comfort that can be found in a high performance suit on the market.

Features such as the revolutionary 0.88 Free arms for unrivalled flexibility and forearm feedback in the water are designed to compliment a good swimmer’s technique and get you moving even faster through the water. While carefully placed Exo-Cell buoyancy dots provide extra buoyancy for better body position.

The combination of ultimate flexibility and extra buoyancy really put this suit in a class of it’s own that will guarantee you will be swimming faster with less fatigue while still feeling comfortable.

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The Predator is the ultimate swim assistant – keeping you streamlined even as you start to tire while also giving you the extra buoyancy you need to maintain the perfect body position.

The exclusive 0.88 Free material provides unrivalled flexibility – allowing you to move without restriction as well as see those swim times drop. The slick super-stretch 40cell neoprene used in the Hydrolite panels of the suit has very low water absorbency, which translates into improved flotation and speedy removal.

The Core Lateral Stabilizer system stabilizes the core by preventing lateral movement without restricting rolling. When combined with Exo-Lift, a unique material with zero water absorption which provides extra buoyancy and reduces unnecessary movement, the result is an effortlessly streamlined body position, less fatigue and so a faster swim time.

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  • Lava Magazine

    "The Alpha incorporates that super-flexy 0.88 Free material throughout the arm and the all-important underarm gusset for full, free stroke range of motion. It may well be the new standard in restriction-minimized arm and underarm reach."

    Jay Prashun, Lava Magazine


    "When touched it indeed felt like nothing this editor ever had his hands on, and this material is exclusive for Orca through 2018"

    Herbert Krabel, Slowtwich


    "It's flexible. It's really flexible. It's quite staggeringly FLEXIBLE. Seriously, it really is..."

    John Levison, Tri247

  • Triathlete

    "0.88 Free offers unparalleled performance advantages."

    Evan Rudd, Triathlete US

  • 220 Triathlon

    "We really noticed the extra support and buoyancy offered by the Predator as well as the structure it gave through the body."

    Helen Webster, 220 Triathlon