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July 24, 2018

SWIMRUN SERIES| What makes Swimrun a unique sport

Good news! Today Orca is bringing you another post (accompanied by a video) in which we will share what swimrun means to our athletes and how it differs from traditional triathlons.

As we mentioned in our first post, most swimrunners come from triathlon, where their biggest handicap is usually the cycling portion. Our athletes talk about how the multiple transitions and chances to swim in very different locations make this sport unique.

It is not just running on a flat terrain; in fact, there are climbs and descents through mountains with rare views that you would seldom be able to see unless you practice this sport.

The final, and one of the most important reasons for participating in swimrun is being able to run with a partner, which adds to the enjoyment of the individual achievement. As a bonus, races also take place out in nature, which makes it twice as entertaining.

In this video, you can hear what each of our athletes thinks about it.

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