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July 10, 2018

SWIMRUN SERIES| Introduction to Swimrun

At Orca we are always saying that we want to keep innovating and expanding our product range into other sports related to triathlon, like the one we are discussing in today's post. Although this sport is quite new, it is gaining more and more followers. We will be talking about Swimrun.

What is it, you ask? As its name implies, this is a sport that combines swimming with running. It was practiced in Sweden until the first professional race was organized in Ötillö in 2006.

The following post and video should give you a better understanding of the sport, but Swimrun involves transitioning between running and swimming multiple times during a race (repeatedly running and swimming through different sections). Unlike the closest sport to it, Cross Triathlon, the use of support materials such as pull buoys or hand paddles is allowed for swimming in order to improve times, but keep in mind that this is with the condition that you carry this equipment with you across the finish line. Otherwise, you will be disqualified.

Since its beginning, this sport has gained more prominence, especially for those who enjoy the cycling portion of triathlons the least. However, not all swimrunners come from the triathlon world. There are many athletes who have opted for these types of competitions without ever having tried triathlons. On top of this, there are families, couples and friends who enjoy adventure sports and want to have a good time doing what they love: swimming and running in nature with great views and amazing landscapes.

This video is the first of many in a series of instructional videos focused on learning more about this sport, which Orca will be launching with the help of our Orca Swimrun Team.

At Orca hope that you enjoy the videos and encourage you to try the sport!

If you want to keep learning more about this sport, subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow our social networks where we will be letting you know about the videos going up every week!