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Graham O'Grady first out of the water in the Orca Alpha wetsuit

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November 12, 2015

Triathlete Graham O'Grady's Strength Endurance Swim Set

Aside from the need for a good swim technique, building endurance so that you can go faster for longer is crucial to a triathlete's training. It is of no help to be able to go out fast and then fizzle off after reaching the first swim buoy. With the off-season fast approaching for those in the Northern Hemisphere, now is the time to put in some hours at the pool to ensure you have a good swim base so you can power through the swim at optimum speed and then be able to charge up the beach to T1 come your first race next season. 

Triathlete and Orca ambassador Graham O'Grady is one of those athletes who is always one of the first swimmers out of the water, so knows abit about swimming, and he suggests the following strength endurance swim set to be incorporated into your training schedule every 10 days:

1. Warm up easy for 200-400metres

2. Main Set of 20-30x 100metres pulling at 85% effort with 5-10sec rest in between depending on fitness level

3. Warm down 200metres

Why don't you add this endurance set in and see how your strength and ability to go further, faster improves!