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August 4, 2015

Highlight On: RS1 Swimskin for a fast non-wetsuit swim

Summer is finally here and the water is heating up - so chances are your next triathlon could be a non-wetsuit swim! Don't get caught out without a swimskin and lose precious seconds to your fellow competitors after all that training! Decrease drag and give yourself the best advantage in the water by wearing the Swimskin worn by 5 out of the last 8 Ironman World Champs in Kona.

The Orca RS1 Swimskin is perfect for non-wetsuit swims over any distance where zero water absorbency, and so increased buoyancy and speed counts. How does it do this? 

Our technologically advanced HydroSkin Dry water repellent coating has a zero rate of water absorbency over 3 hours - meaning natural buoyancy is retained due to the prevention of water entering the fabric. This results in the most hydrodynamic surface in the water - which means your swim speed is increased. And you have the bonus of exiting the water feeling dry as you head to T1!

Further enhancing the comfort and seamless movement through the water, the fully bonded seams make the RS1 Swimskin super flexible while also decreasing drag - allowing for even greater freedom of movement in your swim while you're going faster.
So what are you waiting for? Shop now so you too can speed through the water in your next non-wetsuit swim!