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Aitzi Santos' super-sprint triathlon training program Part 4

Training Programs

April 10, 2016

Super-Sprint Triathlon Training Program - Part 4

We are back with the next two week's training sessions and feeling pumped to get into it with you!

With these latest training sessions and tips we will move that little bit closer to your desired outcome - competing in your first super-sprint triathlon

Before starting this week's training session, make sure you look back on our previous posts to remind yourself of the swimming technique exercises we talked about as well as the Borg Scale we went over in Week's 3 and 4.

With this post I've added in some notes with way to improve our run session, this is a very useful workout to use when focusing on running technique.


Super-sprint Triathlon Training Program Week 7


Super-sprint Triathlon Training Program Week 8

Warming up is not only a great way to loosen your muscles, but also to activate your blood circulation, increase your heart rate as well as build up your motivation before starting to run. Here are some good exercises to do this:

1. Firstly, we want to warm up your joints and prepare them for all the impact they'll be receiving while you're training. A basic exercise to do this is to draw circles with your foot. To do this, position your ankle behind you - and rotate first one way and then the other. Then repeat with your other foot.

Rotating Ankle Technique

2. Put your hands on your knees and make flexion and extension movements. You can also make circles while you put your hands on your knees, first opening and then closing.

Rolling Knees Technique

3. With your hands on your hips, make circles with them - again moving in both directions.

4. After warming up your hips, we can move on to the shoulders. Make circles forwards and backwards. Now we also need to warm up the arms, because they are a very important part in the exercise, so we will move our arms to the front and the back making big circles, first in one direction, and then in the other.

5. After warming up our joints, we'll follow this with run technique exercises, increasing reps as we go. You need a 20metre track marked out that we will use to go one way and then we'll use the way back to recover.

Here you are 3 simple exercises to include in your Warm Up sessions:

- Skipping: small steps while raising your knees as high as you can

High Knee Skipping Technique

- Inverse Skipping:  small steps bringing your heels to your glutes

- Sideways running: using a wide gait open and close your legs while running sideways.

Sideways Running Technique

Don't forget to coordinate your arms with your moves, and repeat each exercise 3 times.

6. Run slower than you do when you're doing a set running training session.

That's it for this week! Hope you're enjoying the training sessions, as if you do you'll achieve better results and of course, have more fun. Make sure you enjoy the journey!

Talk to you next time, Aitzi