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Aitzi Santos' super-sprint triathlon training program Part 6

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May 9, 2016

Super-Sprint Triathlon Training Program - Part 6

The big day is finally here! We are excited for you guys and can't wait to see you on the starting line - and of course crossing that finish line!

Before starting with this week's training sessions, let’s explain some things, so you won’t have any doubts about it. There is a change in these last swimming sessions - now you have to swim without stopping! So forget about those sessions where we trained technique, just swim and swim, and do not stop swimming! This is a great way to be able to check how you are going, by seeing how long it takes you to swim 500 metres. Then you will have a reference point to start improving on.

On the other hand, the running sessions are changing and we're increasing the run time this week. Don’t be scared, you've done the training so it's just a natural progession - it’s easy!

3x 6’ ( 5 ' (13-14 )1' (17-18) ) + 2' ( 13-14 )  

This means you have to repeat 3 times every sequence:
Aiming for a 13 or 14 effort in the Borg Scale you have to run 5 minutes, followed by another minute with a 17 or 18 effort in the Borg Scale. After three sets, just keep running slowly for two minutes.
Remember, before the sessions, warm up!

Here are the next 2 weeks training sessions. You have almost reached your goal!


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Finally, I would like to help you to add some new stretches in to your stretch time,  so check out the photos below so you can see how to do these. Remember to hold each stretch for 20-30 seconds.

Super Sprint Triathlon Training Stretch

Super Sprint Triathlon Training Stretch

Super Sprint Triathlon Training Stretch

Super Sprint Triathlon Training Stretch

When you finish your session you can check how it has gone, if you feel like it has been successful or not, but also remember to always focus on the positives of the training session. Even if it hasn’t been your best one, you have decided to work out, instead of sitting on the sofa and just that is a success!