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Aitzi Santos' super-sprint triathlon training program Part 5

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April 25, 2016

Super-Sprint Triathlon Training Program - Part 5

We have now done the bulk of the training required - this is no small feat! The only thing we need to do now, is continue with the hard work and effort as we're nearly there!

Usually at this stage of the training we can start stressing ourselves out because we think there is still too much work left to do and not enough time to do it, and we start thinking we won't be ready for it. If you're feeling this way, let me remind you - do you remember how it was when you were at the beginning? Think back to 8 weeks ago, when you first decided to prepare your first super-sprint triathlon, and now think about where you are now and how much you've improved since then. Don't you feel better if you think about it in this context?

You have achieved all this with effort, dedication to the plan and hard work, so keep working on this next part of the training and you will soon be ready to enjoy your first super-sprint triathlon!

Here's the plan for the next two weeks of training:


Training Table Week 9


Training Table Week 10

I won't give you any extra information to take on during these two weeks so you will have time to read back on all we have learnt so far and be sure you are applying it when necessary.

Keep on working with the swim training sessions we learnt in part 1 of the training program where you do a mix of laps focused on technique and normal swimming.

Also don’t forget about the running technique exercises and the strength sessions, they are very important!

Read again all the information about the Borg Scale, and keep on working with the same levels, but from next time's week 11 and 12 plan's we will increase the Borg Scale levels.

And in the next post we will talk about stretches and I will show you some examples so you will always have some in mind to use them if you need them.

Remember, if you know recovering is a part of the training, then you are ready!

Talk to you next time, Aitzi.

Stretching Super Sprint Triathlon Training Program Part 5