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Sebastian Kienle chills out after a hard race

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November 23, 2015

10 Songs to Chill Out to After a Hard Race

After the thrill of competing in a triathlon it can be hard to chill out and relax. We are always looking for the perfect soundtrack to play on the drive home, or to relax with under a tree afterwards and re-hash the race in our minds. Our Pro athletes are no different and love to un-wind to a great album or soundtrack after a race. We asked them for their favourites and here they are!

Save this Spotify soundtrack for ultimate relaxation/chill out time after your next race! 

Thanks to Asa LundstromSophia SallerRoger SerranoMaurice ClavelSebastian KienleSophie CorbidgeSimon CochraneDani Molina, Joel Vikner and Alessandro Fabian from Team Orca for sharing with us!