Openwater RS1 Sleeveless Men Wetsuit

The Openwater RS1 sleeveless wetsuit is the perfect choice for swimmers who do not need the thermal insulation of sleeves but are looking for maximum freedom when it comes to swimming.


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UNRESTRICTED SWIM STROKEThe sleeveless construction of the RS1 SL OW will give you total freedom of movement in your shoulders and arms while swimming. You can perform an unrestricted swim stroke while maintaining buoyancy, thermal insulation and hydrodynamics, so that you can enjoy your open water swimming sessions to the fullest.

The distribution of materials of different thicknesses, up to 4.5 mm thick in the legs, will provide you with greater buoyancy and stability for your adventures at sea.

The wetsuit's SCS coating is optimized for gliding through the water, increasing your hydrodynamics and improving your time with each stroke.


Neoprene can be damaged by excess salt or other chemicals such as chlorine if used in swimming pools. We recommend washing your wetsuit with plenty of water after use. A small amount of neutral pH soap can be used and then rinsed out afterwards.
Once clean, be sure to prevent it from holding on to too much moisture. Air dry it outside or in a ventilated indoor space, somewhere without direct exposure to sunlight as this can damage its materials.

Storing your wetsuit properly keeps the materials and seams from creasing and being strained for long periods of time. It also prevents the material from wrinkling, which can affect both the wetsuit's durability and appearance.
The best way to store a wetsuit is to hang it draped from its waist, so that the most delicate areas such as the shoulders and arms do not have any tension on them.
For wetsuits with very flexible shoulders, (Apex Flex or Apex Flow) it is important not to place them on a hanger from the shoulder area, as this will degrade the elasticity over time. For the rest of the models, a wide hanger can be used, as long as the wetsuit is not strained in the shoulder or neck area.


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